How to overcome anxiety attacks?


Have you struggled to overcome the anxiety only to get a disappointing response later? Or even the situation worsens over the time. At present, there is a good number of people around the world who are suffering from anxiety of various types. Despite of following all safety measures, they find it tough to get rid of this problem. Through this blog, I would like to help you in overcoming anxiety disorders and finding solutions of the problem.
The five steps to overcoming panic disorders are:-

  • Acknowledge and accept the problem
  • Wait and watch
  • Take actions
  • Repeat the process, if required
  • End

Let’s take a brief look at what each step includes:-
Here the all progress starts. It is considered as one of the most crucial steps to overcome panic attacks.


Here you acknowledge your real problem by saying that ‘Yes, I am afraid and this problem makes me panic.” You need to simply acknowledge that yes I am afraid but it doesn’t mean that I am in danger. The mere thought of that I am in danger is just another types of panic disorder and is not a useful symptom.

Accept the facts

Here you have to accept the fact that you are afraid at this point of time. I don’t fight the feeling or blame god or anybody else for my problem. I don’t bang my head on the wall to get rid of headache because that will only worsen the situation. Overcoming panic attacks start when you work with them and not against.

Wait and watch

What I mean by wait is: don’t do anything, stand there. It’s similar to drink a chilled glass of water before you get mad. One of the drawbacks of panic is that it robs you of your ability to think and act. This step will help you in understanding the situation in a better way. Jumping directly into action without thinking too much is a cause of panic. Even though, you may have a urge to leave the situation but wait for a little bit. Stay in the situation and don’t run to get relief.

Watch means use the moment to know how the panic works and how you respond to the panic attack.


Do some breathing exercises as it will help in releasing tension and anxiety. Identify and relax your body parts that panicked. Relaxed and you will be able to release tension and panic attacks.


It might happen that you get the same panic attacks again. If this happens, it becomes important to relax and tell yourself that the situation will improve. Repeat the above process.


At this stage, you have to remind yourself that all your panic attacks will come to an end. Your only job is to make yourself comfortable as much as possible.

There are various medicines also which are available in the market and can help in relieving panic disorders. Generic Xanax 2mg is quite an effective medicine that can help in getting rid of panic attacks.

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